Friday, June 14, 2013

So it begins!

Well, not really but I'm getting ready to begin!  haha  Hi!  My name is Sonya and I have spent the last year an a half telling my husband that I was going to start cooking for him!  I have become obsessed with recipes and I follow probably two dozen recipe bloggers.  I keep recipes that I say "one day I'll make that" and well ... I never have!  My husband keeps telling me that heating stuff up in the micro wave does not count as "cooking".  I've come up with so many excuses.  First it was "when we get married, I'll cook for you."  Then we got married in December of 2011.

When we got married, we moved into a two bedroom apartment, with a very very tiny kitchen.  So my new excuse was that the kitchen was too small and I would start cooking for him when we got into a house and got a bigger kitchen! haha

In October of 2012 we started renting a house.  Cute ranch house with a cute kitchen!  It was certainly a bigger kitchen then the apartment, BUT it was still so small and cramped!  I just wasn't feeling it!  I made dinner, don't get me wrong, but it was stuff like Hamburger Helper or Spaghetti with jarred sauce!  I never actually made anything, by following a recipe.  Ok well actually that is a lie.  I did make stuffing for Christmas dinner!  So YAY I haven't been a complete loser!  But my excuses continued and I never did anything amazing in the kitchen.  I continued to keep my recipes and I looked at them every so often, dreaming of the day I'd actually get started!

On May 20, 2013 my husband and I bought our first (and last) house!  We finally found our dream house and were able to make settlement.  The kitchen in this house is HUGE.  I have all of the modern amenities including a double oven and an induction oven!  Our house has a wine refrigerator and man oh man so many cabinets!  When we found the house and made our offer, I told my husband that I couldn't wait to start cooking!  I started buying cute stuff for my new kitchen including a new apron!  I really couldn't wait!  So have I made anything  yet?  Nope!  At first I said, "Well I have to go shopping and get real food in the house!" or "I want to finish unpacking!".  I even went so far as to say "I haven't started my cooking blog" which we all know we need in order to start cooking!  UGH


I am ready.  I have my amazing kitchen and I'm ready ... pass or fail ... I am going to start cooking and I am going to keep all of you up to date on my cooking!  I've used the title OMG, I made that! as my blog title because I could use that phrase in two different contexts!  "OMG, I made that!  I am amazing" OR "OMG, I made that! I suck butt!"

So sit back and get ready.  Sunday is going to be my first venture into following a recipe and giving it a go!  I will post a link to the recipe and tell you how I did.  Oh and my husband is aware that he is going to be my guinea pig!  Like it or not!  So if he dies, I'll let you know that too!  haha

Keep Smiling!


  1. so what you're saying is that I should start praying for poor Jim?

  2. You can start on Sunday lol take tomorrow off.